Board of Editors


Gaston M. N'Guérékata (Morgan State University, U. S. A.)
Evolution equations; abstract harmonic analysis; almost periodic and almost automorphic functions; fractional differential equations.
Gisèle Mophou (Université des Antilles, Guadeloupe, France)
Evolution equations; fractional differential equations; almost periodic and almost automorphic functions; control theory.
Khalil Ezzinbi (Université Cadi Ayyad, Maroc)
Dynamical systems; evolution equations; partial functional differential equations; functional differential equations.

Managing Editors

Maximilian Hasler (Université des Antilles, Martinique, France)
Nonlinear algebraic analysis; function spaces; partial differential equations; mathematical physics; field theory; computational mathematics; number theory.
Piotr Kasprzak (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland)
Functions of bounded variation, almost periodic functions, integral and differential equations, fractional differential equations.
Li Fang (Yunnan Normal University, P. R. of China)
Fractional differential equations; operator families; functional differential equations.
Mahamadi Warma (George Mason University, USA)
Fractional partial differential equations, nonlocal partial differential equations, evolution equations, linear and non linear partial differential equations, potential theory, dirichlet forms, feller semigroups, control theory of PDEs, optimal control of PDEs.


Nasir Uddin Ahmed (University of Ottawa, Canada)
Systems: deterministic, stochastic, distributed; differential equations and inclusions, optimal control; linear and nonlinear filtering, identification; hemodynamics of artificial heart; modeling of space station, stability and control; suspension bridges and their stability; dynamics of computer communication network and optimization.
George A. Anastassiou (University of Memphis, U. S. A.)
Approximation theory; inequalities; computational analysis; operators theory; ordinary differential equations.
Abdon Atangana (University of the Free State, Republic of South Africa)
Fractional calculus and applications to real world problems; perturbation and asymptotic methods; iterative, numerical and analytical methods for differential equations; integral transforms.
Nandadulal Bairagi (Jadavpur University, India)
Mathematical ecology, epidemiology and evolution of infectious diseases, host-pathogen interactions; optimal control of biological resources, in-host hiv models, delay-differential equations, nonlinear dynamics, nonstandard finite difference method, reaction-diffusion equations.
Mouffak Benchohra (University of Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria)
Initial and boundary value problems (ivps, bvps) for differential and functional differential equations and inclusions; impulsive differential and functional differential equations and inclusions; controllability of differential and functional differential equations and inclusions; fuzzy differential equations and inclusions; abstract evolution equations and inclusions; dynamic equations and inclusions on time scales; fractional differential equations and inclusions.
Martin Bohner (Missouri University of Science and Technology , U. S. A.)
Difference equations; control theory; oscillation; variational systems.
Claudio Cuevas (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil)
Difference equations; periodicity and ergodicity; dispersive estimates; fractional differential equations; functional differential equations; integral and integro-differential operators.
Hui-Sheng Ding (Jiangxi Normal University, P. R. of China)
Asymptotic behavior of evolution equations including periodicity, almost periodicity, almost automorphy, boundedness and stability; abstract evolution equation, functional differential equation, integral equation, difference equation, dynamical systems.
Mamadou Abdoul Diop (Gaston Berger University, Saint-Louis, Senegal)
Analysis; Applied Mathematics; Probability Theory; Mathematics.
Ciprian G. S. Gal (Florida International University, U. S. A.)
Nonlinear partial differential equations: Cahn-Hilliard equations, phase-field systems and related models; Hyperbolic equations and related models; Fluid dynamics: the study of incompressible multiphase flows, Navier-Stokes equations; Elliptic and parabolic boundary value problems. Dynamic boundary conditions for PDEs. Nonlocal mathematical models; Attractor's theory of dissipative systems; Perturbation theory, convergence rates to steady states, stability issues.
Jerome A. Goldstein (University of Memphis, U. S. A.)
Evolution equations; calculus of variations; electron densities in quantum theory; nonlinear PDE.
Dinh Nho Hào (Hanoi Institute of Mathematics , Vietnam)
Partial differential equations (PDE); inverse and ill-posed problems in PDE; nonlinear analysis; optimal control theory; numerical analysis.
Olaniyi Samuel Iyiola (Clarkson University, USA)
Numerical analysis; algorithms & analysis for partial differential equations, integer and non-integer order; computational mathematics; simulations in application, PDE models, optimization; nonlinear operator theory involving fixed point algorithms; variational inequality, optimization and variational analysis, equilibrium problems, and nonlinear integral equations.
Xinzhi Liu (University of Waterloo, Canada)
Ordinary differential equations; functional differential equations; dynamical systems; stability and control theory.
Carlos Lizama (Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Facultad de Ciencia, Chile)
Operator theory; ordinary differential equations; integral equations; abstract harmonic analysis.
Mehran Mahdavi (Bowie State University, USA)
Theory of equations involving abstract volterra operators (causal operators); ordinary differential equations; partial differential equations; complex analysis; dynamical systems.
Mamadou Moustapha Mbaye (Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar, Sénégal)
Evolution equations; Stochastic Analysis; Stochastic evolution equations; Almost periodic and almost automorphic process; Partial functional differential equations.
Ousseynou Nakoulima (University Ouaga 3S, Burkina Faso)
Evolution equations; nonlinear analysis; control theory.
Minh Van Nguyen (University of Arkansas at Little Rock, U. S. A.)
Asymptotic behavior of differential equations; semigroup theory and applications.
Stanislas Ouaro (Université Ouaga I, Burkina Faso)
Partial differential equations (PDE); difference equations; functional equations.
Michael Ruzhansky (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)
Hyperbolic partial differential equations; Schrödinger equations; Fourier analysis.
Stefan Siegmund (TU Dresden, Germany)
Nonautonomous dynamical systems; bifurcation theory; transient dynamics; coherent structures.
Ti-Jun Xiao (School of Mathematical Sciences, Fudan University, P. R. of China)
Evolution equations; nonlinear analysis; operator families; control theory.
Yong Zhou (Xiangtan University, P. R. of China)
Fractional differential equations, functional differential equations.
Enrique Zuazua (Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Spain)
Partial differential equations; systems control and numerical analysis; modelling, analysis, computer simulation and control and design of natural phenomena and other problems arising in r+d+i.